Wood Working

All pieces are made from recycled wood sourced from warehouses around the SF Bay Area. The wood types range from Pine to Mahogany. I think it’s beautiful how the different grains play off of each other. Mono-species furniture lacks the spice that diverse pairings of grains bring. As great as Hippos are, they are a hell of a lot more beautiful with an Egret on their nose.

The Barking dog logo is a ping-pong ball. I once had a roommate named Jericho. He was a 90lb Doberman Pinscher. He had a ferocious bark, and would make himself known whenever anybody walked by the house. A thunderous woof from his snarling snout put everyone on edge. His favorite toy – a ping pong ball. He would never crush it; just carry it gently to his bed and curl up to sleep. All of the pieces are made in the same shed that he used to sleep in. I try to remind myself of the conflicted identity – the balance between power and gentleness.

There’s plenty of lumber. Might as well build something… no sense living the particle-board life.